We design, install and program the following systems for your homes and buildings.

Total Automation System

A home with multiple systems will benefit from custom programmed keyads and touchscreens placed strategically throughout the house. These simple to use devices control lights, audio, heating, cooling, and intercom with no other switches needed in the room. With this system a touch of a button can set everything into motion (Set a lighting scene, queue up your favorite music and adjust temperature).

Simple To Use Custom Home Theaters (Media Rooms)

Custom home theaters complete with drop down screens and data grade projectors are becoming very popular. They can be used as a computer monitor or with a surround sound audio system for watching movies and tv. We design a custom touch screen controller for these rooms so you can control your system at the touch of a button. (No piles of remote controls to learn about here).

One Touch Lighting Control

Lighting control is the single most elegant system you can add to your home. It allows you to take control of all the lights inside and out through the use of keypads instead of a wall-cluttering bank of unsightly switches, and allows you to set scenes throughout the house with the touch of a button. Lighting control can also be integrated with security and fire systems to add safety and peace of mind. For example, if a fire alarm is activated anywhere in the house, the lighting system can automatically turn on all lights that create a pathway to exit the premises.

Invisible Audio Systems

Soothing music can be made a part of your everyday life by installing flush mounted, paintable, in-wall speakers in every room of your house. A music keypad in each room can control what you are listening to, volume, component control, and turn the system on and off. A system of this sort can help make rough days easier to deal with and set the mood for any occasion.

Stealthy Outdoor Audio And Lighting

Your landscaping and custom stone work can be complete with a lighting and sound system that is crafted to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. Speakers and lights that look like rocks can be strategically placed around your property to create any effect you like. (Some models can be built directly into stone walls).